Its the weekend and we all want to unwind. For some, it’s a quiet time indoors, for others it’s something relaxed like movie and dinner/drinks and for others its a road trip to the countryside or someplace equally spectacular. Whichever place that may be, it is important that one plan the trip well to avoid last minute mishaps and disappointments. Sometimes catastrophes.  So, i am going to start with what i would call the no brainer but if you have a scatter brain like i can sometimes, they will not seem like non issue at all.

  1.  Write a list.

Preferably on paper and also on your phone because papers get wet or get lost. In this list ensure you have written down everything and i mean everything you need for the trip. Even the most unassuming things like Vaseline could really bother you  once you realize you have forgotten them. Also, you may not be like me, but I hate having to buy something that I left in the house.

  2.  Your list should have……

Depending on the nature of your road trip and personal preferences, your list could have any number of items so, this is really open. However, I’l try to break it down to essentials and in terms of car care, things to check out for.

  3. Water and snacks.

This should have been number one on the list but i had to slowly get into it. Anyway, if you have been stuck in the middle of nowhere, with car trouble or some other trouble because you should obviously driving but aren’t, then you understand how important these two are. It will keep you from bickering at each other due to dehydration and your brain melting from the heat, and the snacks will keep any little company occupied and more time for you to attend to your troubles. Did I also mention that adults get hungry and irritated too? Make sure you do not leave without these two.

4. Music.

Nothing gets a good road trip going like a good playlist. If your vehicle has a blue tooth stereo you are able to play music from your phone and everyone can get a turn playing their individual play lists. Trip made. In addition to music, alternatives would be to have several games you can play on the road to keep you and your companions entertained.

5. Flashlights.

Anything could happen and it could be dark when it does happen so keep a flashlight nearby. If your destination is a camp site, then you know you really do need the flashlight. Make sure its properly charged and/ or you have extra batteries just in case.

6. First aid kit.

You could get yourself in a situation that requires you to have a this nearby so better safe than sorry.

7. check your tire pressure,engine oil, fuel,signals and lights.

Really have your car checked that all these things are in working condition before you embark on your trip. When renting out a car, this is even more important since you can’t be too sure about the car’s condition. You wouldn’t want to be caught in the bush with engine trouble. For tire care, ensure that you have an emergency tire repair kit that you can use to fix any punctures on the road.